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The ACT Labor and Green’s exclusion zone legislation stops the public from knowing that there is another side to the abortion story. The Government regards the clinic as just another health facility and could not even tell ACTRTL (in response to its FOI Inquiry) what Doctors worked there or how many abortions were performed. This case might shine some light on what happens there.  And now the pro-abortionists want to introduce “tele abortions” whereby they prescribe the abortifacient drug (RU-486) sight unseen.

CT 110716

Exclusion zone

Following the decision of the ACT Legislative Assembly to impose an exclusion zone against peaceful prayer sessions outside Canberra’s abortion clinic, here is Bev Cains’ (ACT RTL President) statement: “What is the point of having Human Rights legislation when a majority in the Legislative Assembly can ride roughshod over the most basic human rights of freedom of assembly, religion, and protest? The prayer vigils have been held for 16 years. Why stop them now? The ACT Right to Life Association lodged a Freedom of Information request to obtain details about any statements by staff who work in the building about the people praying outside. There was no record found of any comments by staff. Claims of harassment of staff and clinic patients are utterly false. The legislation does not specify a distance for the zone. This indicates that questions have been raised about its legal basis. (an amendment may be passed limiting the zone to within 50 metres.) The ban on filming in the vicinity of the zone is intended to stop the people praying from filming themselves as a means of self-protection against trumped up charges. The ACT Government charges the abortionists a “peppercorn” rental of $1 per year and undertakes no particular supervision of what happens in the abortion clinic. I would like to know what ACT lawyers think about this encroachment on our fundamental rights. The visiting pro-life US speaker was banned recently from Australia following a letter from an ALP backbencher who claimed his presence would create “discord”. “Discord” means “disagreement”. It is “un-Australian” when you ban what you disagree with. A person on the opposite side of the road to the building which contains the clinic need only wear a pro-life badge in their lapel, wear a Pro-life T Shirt or hold a pair of rosary beads in their hands for someone to claim “intimidation”. This is ridiculous. People waiting at the nearby bus stops,(within the zone) could be questioned by Police. – Of course this is misuse of police energy and expertise. For further information: Bev. Cains PRESIDENT 29 October 2015 Please phone 0418718713”

UK House of Commons defeats assisted suicide Bill 330-118. See:

New York presentation

On 1 August, while visiting New York on vacation, ACT Right to Life Council member Denis Strangman was invited to talk about “Suicide, Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia”. Here is a photo taken at the meeting. Left to right – Leslie Wolfgang, Peter Wolfgang (Ex Dir Family Institute of Connecticut), Denis, Dawn Eskew (Personhood NY) who organised the meeting.

Group of 4 a


Death penalty

ACT Right to Life ACT RTL is opposed to the death penalty, as part of a consistent pro-life ethic by which we defend human life from conception to natural death. This is a relevant post today from the former Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn, Archbishop Coleridge, now of Brisbane: 

“A few thoughts on the deaths of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran:

“The executions overnight and the process leading to them do no honour to Indonesia. The whole saga has been offensive to human dignity and a serious failure of humanity. Deterrence of this kind doesn’t work; nor does weakness masquerading as strength to please some local constituency. It looks like human lives sacrificed for political gain. If anything provides the moral argument against capital punishment, it’s this sorry tale.

“I would also like to add a note of praise for the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister and the whole federal parliament who have been as one and exhaustive in their efforts on the behalf of the prisoners and their families.”