Online book – The Abortion Debate: Pro-Life Essays

THE motivation to organise this book came from the realisation that there were many people in the Australian pro-life movement with good ideas and important contributions to make to the abortion debate, but that these ideas were not being recorded for the use of the wider public.

Since the publication of Fisher and Buckingham’s Abortion in Australia in 1985, there has been no new major Australian pro-life publication dealing with abortion. This book is not intended to replace Fisher and Buckingham, since the two books have quite different structures. Instead we hope this book will provide readers with some useful in-depth discussion of the abortion issue by Australian pro-lifers.

The contributors all start from the same belief – that human life begins at conception, and therefore deserves respect. That abortion is a violation of the unborn child’s basic human right to life. That abortion offers little to women and is often quite damaging to them.

The essays in this book are a testimony to the size of the abortion debate. Readers could be forgiven for thinking this book would rehash the same old arguments again, but we think that readers will be pleasantly surprised that many of the arguments and topics covered are unfamiliar.

These essays cover such issues as the support available to help women to continue with unplanned and difficult pregnancies, the law in the various jurisdictions of Australia with regard to abortion, abortifacient drugs, and an account of the extent of Medicare subsidisation of abortion in Australia.

The contents of this book were only limited by the time we were able to put into editing and publishing the book and the time our busy contributors were able to spare to write their essays.

Many people helped in preparing this book. Thanks to Damien O’Donovan, Gabrielle Lewis, Beryl Strusz, Justin Hyland and all the contributors.

Margaret O’Donovan*

Jeremy Stuparich**

November 1994

* Margaret O’Donovan is a physiotherapist in private practice and vice president of the ACT Right to Life Association.

** Jeremy Stuparich is a Commonwealth public servant and president of the ACT Right to Life Association.

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