ACT Abortion Statistics

We be will be adding information on estimated current statistics and information on the problems with current legislation that limits access to statistics shortly. In the meantime, see below for access to past statistics and analysis.


Each year the ACT Right to Life Association Inc produces a publication detailing the latest abortion statistics for the Australian Capital Territory. The reports are based on the statistics tabled by the Health Minister in the ACT Legislative Assembly each quarter for each of the abortion facilities in the Territory, as required by the Health Regulation (Maternal Health Information) Act 1998.

The statistics tabled by the Health Minister are not aggregated and, as tabled unpublished documents, are not easily accessible to the general public. The ACT Right to Life Association produces an annual compilation and analysis of these statistics to make the information more accessible to the general public, to encourage public debate on this important issue and most importantly to try to find ways to address the concerns of women so that there are fewer abortions.

Information towards a solution: ACT abortion statistics 2000-2001

Missing Children, Damaged Mothers: ACT Abortion Statistics 1999-2000