It did not take long for them to try and copy what happened in Victoria. The deadline for submissions to the ACT Inquiry into “end of life choices” is 23 February. They are mimicking the Victorian language, it is about euthanasia and assisted suicide. Please make a submission. See:


What happens in Victoria has implications. Note (1) Senator Leyonhjelm says he has a deal with the Turnbull Government for his Bill to come on; (2) He claims it will be a conscience vote. This is a “Trojan Horse” Bill. Ostensibly it will be about the rights of the Territories but the giveaway is that there will be a conscience vote, which means that it is fundamentally about euthanasia and assisted suicide. Why does the Turnbull Government keep making life difficult??

Here is a link to the September 2016 issue of the ACTRTLA Newsletter.actrtla-newsletter-september-2016


ACT Right to Life submission to the Andrews’ Human Rights sub-committee.

At lunchtime today (20 July 2017) the ACTRTL submission to Kevin Andrews’ Human Rights Sub Committee was uploaded to the Committee’s website. It is Submission 334 and is accessible from this webpage: (click on the file size in brackets to download). It deals with the ACT protest exclusion zone applied by the ACT Government around the Marie Stopes’ abortion facility.

Another arrest in Canberra near the abortion clinic (Canberra Times, 3 February 2017)



From a posting on the Pro-life Facebook Page about the pro-life march in Brisbane on Saturday 11 February 2017. When will we ever see an ACT Labor politician taking part in a prolife activity?


Let’s all thank pro life ALP MP Rick Williams

Thank you Aussie pro lifers for your support of the Brisbane March for Life (both here in Brisbane and on Twitter!). Today’s March was a massive success. Approx. 2,000 people in sweltering heat. Life is ALWAYS worth it 
The good news is that Mr Rick Williams ALP marched at the front and shared with us that if necessary, he will cross the floor and vote AGAINST the Pyne bills, despite what would be enormous pressure from the ALP. Can we all send him an email of appreciation? Only has to be a couple of lines and you don’t have to live in QLD to show your support:


ACT Right to Life Association Inc                                      1 October 2016

Dear Member

As President of the Association, I have given careful thought to the merits of a number of candidates in the coming ACT election for the Legislative Assembly as far as they relate to the issues of concern to your Association.

I suggest that in deciding how to cast your vote, you might consider supporting the candidates named in the table below by placing a figure 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 against the name(s) of the preferred candidate(s) on the ballot paper for your electorate.

It is suggested that you vote for at least 5 candidates of your choice including the preferred candidates as listed below. However, you may vote for as many or as few candidates as YOU choose – a vote cast for only one candidate is a valid vote. You must record a number, for example 1, and no other mark against the candidate’s name for your vote to be counted. Do not repeat the same number.





Andrew Wall MLA (Liberal)




Steve Doszpot MLA,  Peter McKay (both Liberal)




Vicki Dunne MLA,  Ignatius Rozario,  Elizabeth Kikkert,  Denise Fisher (all Liberal)




Giulia Jones MLA, Peter Hosking (both Liberal)

Brendan Long ALP, Brendan Whyte (Ind)




Alistair Coe MLA,  Jacob Vadakkedathu,  James Milligan (all Liberal)


Beverley Cains

PRESIDENTAuthorised and printed by Bev Cains, 37 Brereton Street, GARRAN. ACT. 2605.


It was only a matter of time. There are 17 Dr Marie abortion clinics around Australia.

This is an article from the Canberra Times (page 1, 11/7/16)


Click below to access the ACTRTL petition (as a PDF) against the exclusion zone

which prohibits peaceful protests (including praying) outside Canberra’s abortion clinic.

Print it and circulate to your friends.


Protest free zone sign cropped